Bizzaro Uniforms

Bizzaro Uniforms, a manufacturer based in Coimbatore, India wanted a Corporate Identity created as part of their expansion into the global market.
The brand’s entry into web-based retail services was marked by a custom WordPress website developed by Grow Combine that helped them promote their services better, position their brand effectively and promote B2B sales.
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  • In 2007 Bizzaro was transitioning from a textile vendor to a manufacturer under a new brand name. Grow Combine was involved in making them market-ready and the services provided led Bizzaro to become a leading uniform solution provider in South India, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Logo Design Brief
  • A wordmark/logotype was created based on the brand name. Bizzaro stands for “Gallant” in Spanish and hence ‘classic’ serif typography was used. The “O” is an interpretation of a ‘gorget’ or a neck armour keeping in mind the brand name meaning while also representing a collar - a crucial element in uniforms that make them look exceptionally professional.
How to make decorative light
Over the years, the brand has expanded its operations by moving into a franchisee model with the help of the full Franchisee plan and Franchisee Document developed by Grow Combine.
Case Study

As a new brand, they needed a market presence based on their unique selling propositions of large-scale orders and competitive pricing. The ideal clientele was geographically distant and the cost associated with taking part in Trade shows was not viable in the initial years.


The brand activation focused on B2B clients who were looking at customised uniforms in large numbers, like education and hospitality groups. Grow Combine, being one of the top web design company in Kochi, was also able to develop a unique WordPress website for Bizzaro that helped them communicate their brand USPs better to the business community. Traditionally most manufacturers started interacting with the clients with small work orders that over the years grew in size. This approach was abandoned and the capability for large-scale delivery was marketed to the clients.

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