We designed the brand identity for Fibermapp

Fibermapp is a Kerala-based technology company that develops mobile applications used for mapping fibre networks.

Logo | Branding


A unique mobile application that effectively maps and charts the fibre network in Kerala, the founders of Fibermapp designed this technology to meet the needs of cable and broadband operators in India. While the technology was, without doubt, advanced and innovative, the company faced quite a few challenges when it came to developing the right branding communication and strategy to reach out to the right clients. That’s when Grow Combine stepped in, proving once again that it was indeed among the best branding agency in Kochi.


Grow Combine was involved in the whole branding process of Fibermapp, starting right from the brand naming and visual identity development. The name was chosen to effectively communicate the core service of the technology company in a direct and simple manner. As an award-winning logo design company in Kerala, Grow suggested a logotype or wordmark that suggested user-friendliness and clarity. Furthermore, we offered Fibermapp all the standard branding collaterals, stationeries, brand literature, and marketing/promotional kits that supported them right from the launch.

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