Branding and website for Ayuss Wellness

Ayuss Wellness is a one-of-a-kind Wellness Research and Training Organization that has its own line of hospitals and immunity centres.

Website | Branding


As a unique Ayurvedic wellness centre and hospital chain, Ayuss Wellness wanted a website that could not only promote their wellness/healing packages online but one which also enabled them to connect with their customers and educate them about the principles of natural wellness. The team at Ayuss was impressed with the way Grow Combine understood their requirements and acknowledged that we were indeed the best web design company in Kochi that they had worked with so far.


Once the brand was activated, Grow Combine also helped them design and develop brand marketing and branding communications, thus giving them a proper brand strategy that could help them reach out to their target users. Unlike other graphic design companies in Kerala, we approach graphic designing as a part of the whole branding process and thus we are able to give a focused brand communication through all mediums. Grow also worked with Ayuss to develop a Franchisee model for the Clinic and Immunity centres and helped them source the right B2B leads.

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