Our team helped rebrand Dhwani Hearing

As Kochi’s First Doctor-led Hearing aid centre, Dhwani Hearing partnered with Grow Combine to rebrand the facility and to enter the digital game.

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Dhwani Hearing was started by a group of Doctors and Audiologists to go beyond the functional aspects of auditory care and focused on offering comprehensive solutions to its patients rather than emphasizing expensive pieces of equipment. Dr. Vineeth Viswam, the visionary behind Dhwani Hearing, took the initiative to rebrand the facility and promote its services on digital platforms as well. Enter Grow Combine – the leading branding agency in Kochi.


Grow offered Dhwani a revamped brand visual identity that not only communicated the brand’s expertise in auditory care but also drew attention to its new and enhanced facilities and services. Innovation and care with a human touch were at the core of the brand’s philosophy. Grow adapted Dhwani’s new brand identity to all its marketing and branding collaterals. As one of the few website development companies in Kerala with diverse experience handling clients from almost all industries Grow was able to provide unique technical insights while developing the website for Dhwani. The result was a strongly structured and elegantly laid out website that welcomed users to experience the ‘Dhwani care’ – online!

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