Our team helped create a website and identity for Inder Siddhu

Spiritual leader and motivational speaker Inder Siddhu approached Grow Combine to develop Indersiddhu.com - a unique platform that would enable him to promote his philosophies and let him connect with his disciples from across the globe.

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Grow Combine’s partnership with Inder Siddhu began when the spiritual guide requested a brand identity that could be used on his website. As an award-winning logo design company in Kerala, Grow developed a brand logo that used an elegant font and branding element. The lotus used in the logo represents wisdom and spiritual awakening – both of which were important aspects of his mission and philosophies.


The primary purpose that the website Indersiddhu.com served was to act as a platform of communication for Inder Siddhu and his followers. A simple yet dynamic website that was made using WordPress, the platform is easy to navigate and displays content that is direct and informative – or in other words, enlightening! As one of the best web design company in Kerala, Grow ensured that the website was UI/UX optimized and responsive as well. Over the years, our team has helped Inder Siddhu create countless quality video content and promote them through his social media platforms, thus increasing his followers.

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