A unique brand identity for India Yoga Directory

As the name suggests, India Yoga Directory aimed to gather information about any and all yoga-related courses, centres, instructors, etc in India and was, without doubt, the first of its kind.

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Being an online directory entailed that the founders build a technologically powerful yet effectively responsive website. Being one of the leading web design company in Kerala, Grow Combine was entrusted with this task along with creating a creatively unique logo and brand identity.


The logo for India Yoga Directory conveys meaning and values at multiple levels. If at one level the logo represents the fluidity and flexibility that yoga offers the mind and body, at another, it speaks about the complex nature and interconnectedness that defines a directory. The website was custom developed on MVC Architecture. The team at Grow took extra care to ensure that the interface was easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly – key factors that directly determine the success of online directories.

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