Brand Identity design for OMFYS technology

OMFYS is a UK-based IT company offering cutting-edge technology and software solutions.

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As a global IT company headquartered in Croydon, United Kingdom, OMFYS specializes in providing a host of IT solutions and services to corporations across the globe. From web design and hosting to business process implementation and Cloud Hosted Solutions and IT infrastructure services, OMFYS had a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions that catered to meet the requirements of the biggest corporations from across industries.


Being an award-winning logo design company in Kerala, Grow Combine was able to develop for OMFYS a unique brand visual identity along with setting in place a very comprehensive set of corporate brand guidelines that helped the IT company position itself well among its competitors. The logomark represents the brand’s global outlook. This was captured by the use of the sphere. The symbol also represents an eye along with the word mark ‘S’ representing solutions. The choice of colours (red and black) was also in tandem with the brand’s vibrant, innovative and energetic personality.

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