Packaging and design for Poultryna.

A Poultry Feeds Manufacturer, operating from Kerala, Poultryna partnered with Grow Combine to position itself as the best poultry feed brand in Kerala and redesign its packaging.

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The poultry feed manufacturers were confident that their carefully processed organic products were of the best quality that the market had seen. Their only challenge was to connect with the right businesses and traditional poultry farmers and educate them about the need to make the switch. For this purpose, they sought out the best logo design company in Kerala to help build a unique brand identity for itself that can help position the company well with a competitive advantage.


As one of the top branding agencies in Kochi, the team at Grow Combine curated a unique hospitality Brand Strategy along with customized Design Services that fit perfectly with Poultryna’s requirements. helped them to be the best Poultry Feed Brand in Kerala. The packaging design was a crucial element in the strategy as it was also one of the major B2B touchpoints of the brand. We provided a sack packaging design that was minimal yet offered the highest visibility. The choice of colours also aided in making this strategy especially successful, thus positioning Poultryna as the Best Poultry Feed Brand in Kerala.

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