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Ruby Bedi is a powerful mystic, spiritual guide, and public speaker. She had a dramatic and sudden transformation in 1992 when she went from Indian … Ruby is part of a rare breed of leaders who are able to translate skills into spiritual teachings — always inviting others to the journey of discovering more about themselves.

  • Ruby Bedi.
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  • Calgary, Canada
Grow Combine | Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi Kerala
Grow Combine | Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi Kerala
Grow Combine | Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi Kerala
We are truly impressed with the level of care and attention to detail that was put into the creation of our website, and would highly recommend Grow Combine to anyone looking for a top-notch web development team.

– Ruby Bedi/ Spriutal Leader

By choosing to develop a website using WordPress, Ruby Bedi’s personal brand was able to achieve improved search engine rankings quickly. The decision to use WordPress technology allowed for the creation of an online customer experience that was optimized for both users and search engines. The result was a website that not only provided a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors but also helped increase Ruby Bedi’s visibility online, leading to higher rankings and increased online exposure for the personal brand.


Popularly known as a powerful mystic, a seer, spiritual guide, and a public speaker, Canadian national Ruby Bedi wanted Grow Combine to create a powerful yet simple website for herself that would act as her channel to connect with her millions of followers from around the world. As one of the few web design company in Kerala that has experience catering to such diverse and multinational audiences, our team was able to quickly understand Ruby’s requirements. Using WordPress development we created a platform that was easy to navigate and optimized for responsiveness with strong content placement.


Once the website was launched, Grow Combine continued to work with Ruby Bedi to develop powerful video content intended to inspire a spiritual awakening movement. Using strong narratives and high-quality sound recordings, our team helped Ruby create these videos and then promote them effectively through a Youtube channel.

Grow Combine | Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi Kerala
The team has ensured that all content is easily accessible, creating a seamless and user-friendly experience for visitors.

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