Award-winning Website Design for Company Films

Web UI Design  +   Custom WordPress Theme Development +   Mobile Responsive Website

The Dubai-based corporate film team reached out to Grow Combine with the goal of creating a captivating website that would leave a lasting impression on visitors, similar to the impact of their award-winning corporate films. They wanted a website that would be both powerful and awe-inspiring, showcasing the quality and talent of their work in the film industry. Grow Combine was tasked with developing a website that would effectively communicate the team’s passion for storytelling and their commitment to creating memorable, impactful films.

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  • Branding, Website
  • Custom Wordpress
Grow Combine delivered a custom, dynamic website that was optimized for mobile responsiveness using the WordPress platform.

The makers of commercial videos, motion graphic animation videos, travel series and documentaries had a very niche yet elite class of clients who frequented their website. Hence the team at Company Films was very particular about the technological superiority, content and design experience, and user-friendliness of their website. As the most creatively popular website development company in Kerala, they entrusted Grow Combine with this daunting task.

The website was not just optimized for UI/UX it followed an aesthetically pleasing content layout that effectively communicated the brand’s values and the quality of its services.

In the end, it was only fitting that Company Films - the holder of over 40 prestigious international film festival awards - should win an award for their website too!

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