A unique brand identity design for Truckola.

The founders of Ideal Movers incorporated Truckola Technologies: an innovative, technology-driven approach to transportation that aims at reducing manual labour and error in logistics services.

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Logistics Company Brand Identity Design

Truckola was founded in 2015 as an innovative and technology-focused approach to cargo transportation in India. They realized that in order to break the status-quo in processes being followed in the logistics industry, the team would have to penetrate the market with authority and freshness so that their solutions would have takers. Hence they approached Grow Combine, which was one of the top logo design company in Kerala, to develop a unique brand identity and branding collaterals for them.

Top-notch branding delivered

The team at Grow Combine was able to deliver an effective brand visual identity and strategic brand services to the Mumbai-based company. The logomark in itself was uniquely developed to represent transportation (the wheel) and speed/efficiency. The logo also signifies the pride and joy with which the brand empowers the transport community. The new colour combination and brand identity gave them an effective and strong brand position.

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